Marlenka is a Czech company that was founded in 2003 by the Armenian Gevorg Avetisjan  with his sister in Frydek-Mistek; it produces honey cakes based on an old Armenian family recipe. It was named in honor of mothers and daughters owner. Years after, the factory is still growing and holds many internationally recognized certificates such as BRC, IFS and other national awards.

All the products are made with the highest quality ingredients without the use of preservatives or artificial colors and GMO Free.


 Few weeks ago i received a sweet contact from Marlenka Lebanon on my Instagram page.

A very special holiday gift that was delivered to my workplace. Since Christmas is about sharing, they sweetly brought us a huge quantity that was distributed to all the employees; everyone happily took back home to share with his family and loved ones.


The two products I tried were:

  • Honey cakes: Multiple layers of cake filled with a honey sweetened custard and nuts. I was so surprised how the cake is so fresh as if it was recently baked. The balanced sweet taste pairs supper well with your morning or afternoon coffee and tea.
  • Honey nuggets: a heavenly ball perfectly shaped that melts in your mouth with its honey custard mix bursting with flavors that can make you easily addicted to its taste!


Luckily, the product is available in many points of sales in Lebanon as you can see in the image below.


Make sure to grab some and share delicious tasty moments with your family and loved ones!

And don’t forget to follow them on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Have a sweet holiday!


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