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Where to go when you want to indulge in a spread of endless choices of Lebanese traditional cuisines cooked by the most lovable mothers, besides yours of course:p, answer is….. TAWLET.

With the creative Kamal Mouzawak, behind Souk El Tayeb, already gaining its famous spot all over the world, and after the huge success of Tawlet Mar mkhayel, it was time to spread this idea in the rural areas.

So Tawlet Ammik was the first on the list followed by Tawlet Deir Al Kamar and more recently Tawlet Biomass.

Being originated from the area, Tawlet Ammik is so impressive, even I feel that I am visiting a new destination.

Basic decoration yet reflecting the authenticity with all the respect to the surrounding nature. You have a feeling of fusion with nature!

As a lovely welcome from the reservation, to the arrival to the restaurant, to all the servers and chefs you feel as if really you are spending time at your mama’s. (Tawlet motto: shu tabkha l mama l yom?!).

The buffet has everything to satisfy all tastes:

Salads: Tabboule, Fattoush as fresh as you expect it perfectly seasoned with pomegranate molasses,  greek, Corn and tomatoes and my favorite was the shanklish salad:) it was the first time I try this mix and it is a winner!There was also cucumber and yogurt.




As for the mezze, your eyes are treated before you belly with endless choices among which the mtabal and homos with their somooth texture and seasoning,  kishk, and tasty majdouli cheese crowned with cherry tomatoes it melts inside your mouth! A wide selection of fatayir and sfiha made as well as batata harra that was as crispy as usual and not sogging with oil.

All the lovely ladies who prepared the food with so much love and attention, are also behind the counters to serve us. Main courses included Frikeh, roasted chicken which was bit dry though, Kibbi bsienyi two layyers of meat stuffed with nuts and meat as mom cooks them, roasted truits where the fish is the star and perfectly seasoned to respect the delicate texture, pumpkin kibbe and roasted veggies.


We ended the meal with lebanese coffee and selection of fresh fruits and desserts of which I prefer the lazy cake that is for sure made with premium chocolate!



And here is the family portrait to immortalise lovely gatherings !




A must try and an experience not to be missed!

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