As the ultimate vacation destination, it was time for me to indulge in “La Dolce vita” italiana and enjoy the Fa niente mode!

I preferred to travel in low season, last April for 8 days. I visited Rome, Vatican, Tuscany area and Naples.

Here are my tips for those who want to plan their own customized trip to Italy:

1- For those who need visa, you would need to check the TLS Lebanon for papers needed; make sure you get everything ready before you go, and count 15 days to get the  response.

2- Catchy airline ticket prices can be bought if you plan your trip earlier, for nice catch check Cheap o air. Be careful though when you purchase the ticket if the luggage is included in the fee, if not contact the airline.

I traveled with Agean Airlines and was really satisfied by the service. Overall I paid mere 250 $  for the ticket and 40 $ for the luggage. They are very accurate and the hostesses are smiley and helpful!

3- For hotels, it all depend on your budget, I always prefer B&B for the interaction it allows you with the local and you get more personalized services. is a very good website to make secure reservations with options of free cancellations and payment upon arrival.

In Rome, I stayed in Infinito Hotel which is close form metro station and not far from the central station too. Owner Alice and her husband were very attentive and helpful, breakfast is included and fresh ingredients with amazing service are guaranteed for you to start your day on a good note.


I also stayed the last night in Tito al colosseo where Jean Lucaa welcomes you in his own apartment, though breakfast is not included, you have coffee, tea and some biscuits as well as microwave and fridge at your disposal. Best part is no need to do the dishes: a dishwasher is also accessible! It was not far form the first hotel so the same practical location is a plus!


Worse part of the stay was in Florence in Archi Rossi Hostel, I might be adventurous but cleanliness is a number one requirement! And the smile is not for free there!


4- To plan your trip, you can definitely research internet for places to see, but a very helpful tool was Visit a city; not only it plans your day, it also gives you the opening hours to make the best out of your day. You can have your itinerary ready and includes the indications from and back to your hotel.

In the next post i will be giving you a briefing about places to visit, where to eat and what is not to be missed along with other advises and tips to make the best out of the trip.


La Petite

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