As per Fayruz, doors oh doors, strangers, friends, or closed and waiting the return of their beloved ones!

Doors call for my eyes to capture their beauty and travel invisibly behind them to see what are they hiding!

Here are some doors that inspired me during my strolls in cities, from Bakka to Beirut, from Rome to Naples, Florence and Montereggioni.

Bakka, my native village

Fern El Shebak
Fern El Shebak 2
Fern El Shebak 3
Ain Al Remaneh
Monot 2
Rome 1
Rome 2
Via del moro
Via del moro 2
Via del moro 3
Montereggioni 2

And so my quest for doors and the mystery behind them is an endless passion! Keep your eyes on the blog to discover more:)

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8 thoughts on “Behind the closed doors, unspoken secrets

  1. Very nice work! My favourite:
    Taanayel: very good composition. Everything in it is just perfect!
    Via del moro: the word “Home” on the mat and the dog beside the door give the picture warmth.


  2. What a lovely post! they doors never cease to amaze me too, I guess it’s all about the mystery, the idea of unraveling the story or the many behind each one. My favorites would be: the one after Shouf(you didn’t mention where it was taken) the details and the colours are top! Via Del Moro with the dog does feel like home, Rome, Montereggioni with the birds on top and lucky number 13:)

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