Black Friday to Cyber Monday: What you need for your wardrobe makeover.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Whatever was the day you are choosing to go on your shopping trip, I will guide you through this season’s trends. Temperatures are dropping, it is time to make that switch to your fall- winter wardrobe. Well I know that most probably you will find out about items that you […]Read more

Tips to a “Fall” in love!

No summer is not over yet, we still have ahead of us many beach days and lovely rooftop nights. Yet gladly, the weather is being merciful at least with less heat waves. However, soon we have to wave goodbye and pack those beautiful memories and welcome the crisp air and yellow hues of Fall. I […]Read more

Dive into summer!

In almost two weeks from now, the happiest season of all will knock our doors to shed all the layers (not that we did not already do that!). An event that will see hordes of untanned bodies eager to soak up some much-needed sunlight! But we should be ready to welcome our guest with our body and mind. […]Read more

New springy fashion dose

So ok, I love spring, i just LEUUUUUUUVV spring! Warm weather, flowers blossoming, longer sunny hours, delicious fruits and good mood! It is time to end the winter hibernation and start removing these layers and feel lighter. Plus, it is a trial to see what repercussions did those fondue nights had on your body and […]Read more