Ramadan Karim, may the blessings of the month be upon you and your families.

This week is fully dedicated to Ramadan, so let us explore my favorite links!

F for Fun

It is very common to have questions from non muslims about Ramadan: how many hours do we fast, what are the list of forbidden things and many other question answered  here!

Credits to abc

F for Food

While fasting goes beyond food deprivation from dusk to dawn, nothing beats the pleasure of breaking your fast after a long day. Here is a throwback of tips that I shared last year with Mintbasil on how to make healthy souhour.

Souhour approved tray

F for Fitness

I personally keep working out during Ramadan, and it suits me to do my workout straight before Iftar. It is a mild one and I listen to my body. I knwo many wonder when is the best time to workout and I have the perfect podcast by Baraa Sabbagh  and Rola Gahddar to answer your questions.

Try this workout as it is easy on the body during Ramadan.


F for Fashion

Modest wear crowns this month. Many stylish options for Souhour and Iftar invitations that are not abayas, so take a look.


See you next week!

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