Spring has officially sprung, and the second Easter vacation is more promising. So wherever you are planning to spend it, take a look at this week’s list

F For Fun

Winter is coming, lol no seriously, GOT fans all over the word raved about the last season, so here are some thoughts about the first episode!

He is back!

F for Fashion (oups beauty again!)

If you felt yourself left out while all are praising the kroean beauty products, fear no more, here is a list of ten of the best products

Korean beauty Products

F for Fitness (wellness!)

As we grow older, we often notice a slower metabolism and more effort is made to lose few kgs. Hey cheer up, it is not a lost battle, here are few tips to help you beat that!


Credits to DPT students

F for food

How about you learn few tricks in the kitchen to impress your surroundings! Say bye bye to tears!

Credits to memes

See you next week!

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