I have been noticing from many people around and over social media suffering from lower energy levels and pain. Your girl here too, I guess it stared last week with sort of heat stroke and carried on with a build up of exhaustion and health issues, so would need your beautiful wellness wishes.

It was a packed week between work meetings, getting some interesting content for my lovely subscribers on Instagram, attending cool events like the alumni day at the French cultural institute and the re-opening of Sursock museum and life!

F for Fun/Facts

There are red flags in any kind of relationships, and friendships are not spared! How to make flower bouquets last and how to repot a plant? And since we are all about nature, try these home remedies for bee stings!

F for Fashion

Ok, I am now finalizing my red carpet review for ALL the looks throughout the Cannes festival days, meanwhile check some of the red carpet looks here, here and here.
It was quiet a busy week with cruise collections, Dior in Mexico with Frida Kahlo inspiration, Versace co-designed with Dua Lipa and LV in the most picturesque Italian Iso Bella Lake Maggiore.

F for Fitness

I love body weight exercises, here is one calisthenics workout for beginners and a full body weight workout to get you sweating! Don’t forget to so some flexibility stretches after your workout. Robin is here to relieve you!

F for Food

I have got your salad craves covered with these recipes and healthy pasta salad recipes. Beach days call for these easy recipes too! Oh how fresh are these feta courgette skewers!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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