Celebrate yourself and your success at any possible opportunity, this is how you cherish your hard work and you feel proud of all of your achievements.
I still remember back in grade 9 where the school celebrated us being the first promotion and how I felt on the stage, and later, thanks to the local cultural club at my hometown, they used to organize every year, graduation ceremonies for all of the residents. As my high school and university never organized any, it felt good to be wearing the robe for grade 12, Bachelor and Masters’ graduation!
To be honest with you, back then, the dress code was limiting and I wouldn’t want you to be stuck in that black and white world. Here are some general tips for what to wear to a graduation without looking too basic!
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General tips

Graduations require semi-formal attire dress code.
Neutral colors like black, navy, gray, or beige are always safe choices. However, you can also incorporate some pops of color or patterns to add personality to your outfit.
Choose shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for walking and standing. Closed-toe shoes are generally preferred over sandals.
Keep accessories simple and understated to complement your outfit but don’t overpower it. Avoid anything too flashy or distracting.

Outfits ideas for women

Dress: Generally, a knee-length or midi dress, cocktail dress, or a short dress with a full skirt are all appropriate options, choose a fun and flirty silhouette that falls just above or below the knee. Choose solid colors or subtle patterns. If the dress code calls for it, choose an elegant and floor-length evening gown. Choose a style that flatters your body type and makes you feel confident. Consider embellishments like sequins, lace, or beading for added glamour. Avoid excessively casual or revealing dresses.

Two-Piece Set: Embrace a trendy and youthful look; pair a dressy skirt with a blouse for a sophisticated look. A pencil skirt or an A-line skirt can work well or a crop top and high-waisted pants. Coordinate the colors and patterns of the skirt and blouse, and make sure they are both elegant and suitable for the occasion. Coordinate the colors and fabrics to create a cohesive ensemble.

Jumpsuit: A stylish jumpsuit can be a fashionable and comfortable option for a modern and chic look. Look for one that is tailored with a sleek silhouette and fits well. Choose a solid color or a tasteful pattern that suits your personal style. Play with different necklines and sleeve styles to find one that suits you best.

Dressy pants: Dress pants in a flattering cut can be an excellent alternative to dresses and skirts. Pair them with a dressy blouse, a blazer or a stylish top. Look for pants that are well-tailored and made from a quality fabric.

My hijabi ladies:

All the mentioned above can be applicable to modest options.

Accessories and shoes: Consider wearing jewelry, such as a necklace or earrings, that accentuates your look. A small clutch or a stylish handbag can complete your ensemble. Opt for comfortable yet classy shoes, as you may be on your feet for a significant portion of the event. Choose closed-toe heels, wedges, or dressy flats that complement your outfit. Consider the venue and weather when deciding on the appropriate footwear.

Outfit ideas for young girls

A-line Dress: that falls just above the knee or at tea length in a fun and vibrant color, or go for a soft pastel shade. Consider dresses with embellishments like sequins, lace, or floral details for a youthful and elegant look.

Tulle Skirt and Top: Create a whimsical and playful outfit by pairing a tulle skirt with a stylish top. Choose a tulle skirt in a fun color like pink, lavender, or mint green. Pair it with a coordinating or contrasting top that complements the skirt.

Romper or Jumpsuit: For a modern and trendy look, consider wearing a romper or jumpsuit. Opt for a romper with a flowing skirt overlay or a jumpsuit with a playful silhouette.

Coordinated Two-Piece Set: Choose a matching top and skirt or top and pants in fun colors, prints, or textures. This allows for versatility and the ability to mix and match the pieces later.

Outfits ideas for men

Suit or Tuxedo: Choose a well-tailored suit in a dark color like navy, charcoal gray, or black. Pair it with a dress shirt and a coordinating tie and dress shoes. Tuxedos are a bit more formal and typically feature satin details on the lapels and buttons.

Suit with a Twist: Add a personal touch to your suit by experimenting with colors and patterns. Consider a colored tuxedo jacket, a patterned bowtie, or unique accessories to showcase your personal style while still maintaining a formal look.

Blazer and pants: Create a stylish and youthful outfit by pairing a blazer with dress pants. Choose a blazer in a complementary color to your pants and pair it with a top or dress shirt. You can opt for a tie or go without one, depending on the formality of the event.

Dress shirt and dress pants: A dress shirt paired with dress pants is a timeless and versatile choice. Choose a crisp, well-fitted dress shirt in a solid color or a subtle pattern. Pair it with tailored dress pants, ensuring they complement each other in terms of color and formality.

Accessories and shoes: Complete your outfit with accessories. A tie can add a touch of formality and color. Match your belt with your shoe color. You can also wear a watch or add a pocket square to your suit jacket or blazer for an extra touch of style. As for dress shoes; opt for oxfords, derbies, or loafers in black or brown. Ensure they are clean and well-maintained to add a polished touch to your overall look.

Outfit ideas for young boys

Suit: Dress up in a well-fitted suit to achieve a polished and sophisticated look. Pair it with a dress shirt, a coordinating tie, and dress shoes for a dapper appearance.

Dress Shirt and Dress Pants: For a slightly less formal yet stylish option, pair a dress shirt with tailored dress pants. Choose a dress shirt in a solid color or with a subtle pattern. Pair it with well-fitted dress pants and dress shoes for a smart and put-together look.

Blazer and Chinos: Create a stylish and youthful outfit by pairing a blazer with chinos. Choose a blazer in a complementary color to the chinos and pair it with a dress shirt or a stylish polo shirt. Complete the look with dress shoes or clean sneakers.

Vest and Dress Pants: For a unique and trendy outfit, consider wearing a vest with dress pants. Choose a vest in a coordinating color or pattern and pair it with well-fitted dress pants. Add a dress shirt and tie to complete the ensemble.

Hair, Hijab and Makeup

The ladies can get their hair and makeup done professionally or do it themselves. Make sure to choose a hairstyle and makeup look that complements your dress and personal style.
Men should make sure their hair is clean and styled for the occasion.

Stay tuned for more styling inspiration.

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