After we resumed life post Covid, we have lost awareness of time. It’s like, memes aside, months are just rolling one after the other, and our definition of how fast or how slow time is passing is lost.
While we are now already in 2023, our minds are still processing 2020! What I love about this yearly review is that it pushes me to rediscover what happened, month by month, and how I grew on personal, professional and emotional levels.


I was still in UAE attending the styling course at Esmod, which was probably the best thing I gifted myself; it was an enjoyable experience to rediscover how one can express, and help others express themselves, through the art of dressing, and to challenge oneself into translating themes and occasions in outfits.
I equally enjoyed that month spending quality time with my brother, my sister and their families while discovering new areas that I haven’t visited in the UAE. As well as spending time with my cutie Krystel.


I was proudly a certified fashion stylist. I came back to Lebanon to explore the opportunities that could open up and I was really happy to connect, not only with friends, but also with people I only knew through Instagram. On of the best experiences was styling the gorgeous Manar for her shoot with Paul and collaborating with Elsa for the best vintage outfits from Pink Attic. In a very cinematographic setting, I styled my first photo shoot around vintage theme in La Maison rose in Beirut.


Obviously my favorite month of the year! I turned the page on another year and welcomed 37 celebrating it with friends and family with all the gratitude to having them by my side.


My favorite period of the year is definitely Ramadan. I chose this time to spend it my family house in Bekaa, with all the challenges that it had including the very noisy neighbor and his loud generator, and being alone in the house which is pretty emotional without my parents may their blessed souls rest in peace.

May, June and July

It was time for me again to hit the road, this time destination USA! Initially, the trip was planned for one month which were extended to three. I wanted to reflect on possible opportunities there but mostly to spend quality time with my sister and her family.
I always enjoy my trips to USA, from exploring new areas to revisiting ones that I love in Florida. I also celebrated 6 month’s anniversary of my blog; PTITNFIT keeps growing and evolving with your support that motivates me to carry on my journey here, I am extremely grateful for you! I am constantly trying to see how it can have an added value to your lives, and to grow my presence on different platforms, from Instagram to TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube as well as Pinterest and here on WordPress.


Back to Lebanon to spend the first ten days with my brother and his family before their vacation was over.. It was then where things begin began to unfold, when it comes to opportunities in the different areas that I wanted to work in. Starting with Styling, photography and social media management for a boutique (wildrosebyNsirine) which I managed for around two months.


This month brought more opportunities, in photography specifically. I enjoyed being part of a project working with the cutest team. Nod to Mayoush and Adham!


It felt so good reconnecting with my cousin, whom I haven’t seen for a long time! I was honored to explore working as an editor for non other than Annahar; an exceptional opportunity where I provided articles in lifestyle, fashion, self empowerment and other related topics for over a month and a half. (Link to my articles). I finally took the decision, blessed inshAllah, to put my hijab on. The story will be shared separately soon.


I was very lucky to be part of the casting of an interesting project with an amazing message supporting women’s battle against rape and sexual harassments with Remie Akl and ABAAD. I spent an authentic thanksgiving dinner with amazing human beings too! Courtney, Hisham and Charbel.


Ended the year working on another photography project for Uncle fluffy Lebanon. I proudly released my styling packages, as well as announcing my participation in the USA platform shop, size wise closet coach book a consultation with me here), as well as my collaboration with Revolve and Forward 9shop my list of favorites here and here). The end of year countdown was celebrated with the boys Hisham and Charbel.

Reflecting back and writing about my year, allows me again appreciate all of this, and many other things that are not written by words, but felt which are the human connections that I am grateful to have, the lessons that I learned, the people who revealed their true selves and those who have always showed up and been consistent and supporting me in between.

So my lovelies, as we turn the page of another year, and I welcome this new one with a very powerful message to myself, and to you, trust yourself, your intuition, that inner voice and gut feeling that you would never want to hush. I consider it as this strong connection that I have, with Allah SWT, an answer to all my prayers to guide me in every step of my life, but also to stop pursuing things that are not for me and give room for things that are meant to be mine, to show up and to claim them with open-heart.

Stay Fabulous!

La Petite.

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