Salam from your newly Hijabi Girl. I have been secretly working on preparing my life to cherish this huge step in my life. To say I am overwhelmed, is an understatement of how I feel, and even when I thought that I prepared myself, there is a lot to assimilate. I promise to be back with a detailed post about the why and how and answering all the questions that I am getting. Meanwhile, may Allah bless this step and I am overwhelmed and grateful for your love and support.

F for Fun / Facts

In honor of World mental health day, let us understand the relationship between people with OCD and cleaning. In the same line, what does your messy home say about your mental health? And finally, what is the newest TiktTok trend mental health fashion about?

F for Fashion

Arab fashion week is on the roll with an extraordinary line up of local and international talents. Jean Louis Sabaji’s collaboration with Barbie was the best way to start. Amato’s take on grunge served sexy looks with cutouts and corsets, and Weinsanto showed his collection as presented in Paris Fashion week. A beautiful fresh collection for Born In exile that mixes tradition with a modern take. As usual Poca and Poca’s collection has the feminine touch for the practical ladies and Liliblanc serves its powerful looks for the boss ladies.

F for Fitness /Health

Last week I recommended some upper body workouts so let us balance them this week with these single leg exercises. Seasonal change might be affecting your body with weight gain, bloating… how can you manage your weight without dieting?

F for Food

 Apples are in season so what are the best healthy apple recipes? I can almost smell this apple cider doughnut loaf cake! Mommafullofgrace tells us which foods are the worse for digestion!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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