How was your Eid celebration? Mine was challenging to say! I cherish Eid alot, and mostly family reunion, yet I was challenged this year to spend it alone, totally without anyone I know around. Add to that, Miss FLorida decided to have the worst weather over the day! I did manage to lift myself up and go out when we had a rain break! Hyde park in Tampa always lifts me up, I did not have the best meal though at Timpano but the ambiance and decoration were top! The best part over three eid days was listening to takbirat Eid all the way from Beirut on Tune In radio which boradacsts many stations and in particular Quran Karim.

Currently writing this with my renewed love for Beethoven music! It just transports me to ballrooms and orchestra playing at cheerful parties, sometimes I feel I am born in the wrong era!

F for Fun

Travel buddies were are you! Expect to finally have the luxury of flat beds on economy coach! Long flights are about to get comfier for us all! As for social media, did you know that you can find a tiktok made me buy it section on Amazon! Tell me, did social media influence your purchases?

F For Fashion

 Italy took us by fashion waves last week with three amazing fashion shows: Valentino “The beginning” where everything started on the Spanish steps, and Ten years’ Alta moda anniversary for both men and women shows by Dolce and Gabbana. As for styled by Hanine, check some wedding looks inspiration, finally summer trends post is up on the blog!

F for Fitness

What is better than starting your morning with yoga exercises! Definitely one of the most asked questions, what and when should you eat after a workout?

F for Food

Summer grill but make it meatless and what are the best potatoes for potato salad? Check those homemade snickers healthy bites.

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