Here I am FINALLY, sharing with you this season’s must-haves and latest trends. Right on time for sales too so you can shop till you drop and don’t break the bank!

Shall we start with the new trends and don’t forget that I am here to take your requests from wardrobe review to outfits styling, personal shopping, occasion styling and much more. Just email me on or send me a DM on ptitnfit.


Bring back artisanal work and let us appreciate it! From dresses to hat, pants or tops, choose whatever you feel more fitting your style.

Low rise denim

I know, many are dreading this trend, well Miu Miu gave us a pre- notice didn’t they! This time we love them in relaxed fits.

Fisherman sandals

Hello Prada! At least this ugly shoes trend feels a little more polished and they go literally with everything.

Colorful heels

The transparent trend took us by waves, it adds a trendy touch to your outfit.

Strappy Sandals

Both gladiator or heeled have been seen on the runways and in many of your favorite brands summer collections.

Wedges and Platforms

Versace hot pink platforms must come to mind! They are comfortable and have that vintage feeling. As for wedges, they are now more sleek and fun. Get yourself a colorful pair.


Blame TikTok for the “Coastal grandma” aesthetic, or not! Who can say no to comfortable when it is trendy!

Colors of the season
Berry reds, yellow in all its shades, from sunshine to baby yellow, citrus green oh my the lime, purple obviously! Now when it comes to combination, go crazy! your guide would be, besides your eyes, the color wheel,  complimentary and opposite colors. Think red and purple, lime and purple, pink and red…

Work proof summer looks

Your number one friend should be the oversized button down, it is effortlessly chic and versatile. I would wear it above a silk dress with jewelry, or over trousers.
Talking about the latter, relaxed trousers are your next must haves, either linen or a more structured fabric.
Which brings us ofcourse to, yes you guessed it right, balzers! Oversized, short sleeved and linen to keep it fresh.
You might opt out of blazers, why not try vests, permission to wear it alone!
Modest wear has a great staple, column maxi skirt, bonus note, it works great with the options above: vest, balzer or button downs.
Preppy is the best pick for work and loafers happen to be the best of this trend.

Summer Staples

Linnen and Popplin: dresses, shorts, shirts… Breathable, light and chic, one of the effortless to pull looks yet is perfect.

Woven totes: whether you are going to the beach, picnic in the mountains or to the local market.Trendy and fun!

Shades, hats and Sunscreen! Let your shades make a statement in any look, yet make sure to choose trusted ones as your eyesight is important! For hats, it is your call, between the newly loved bucket hats to the woven ones, a timeless fashion staple that is simple, unpretentious, and easy. And finally, please make sure to apply your sunscreen daily, even if it is cloudy, and re-apply it every two hours when you are at the beach!

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