Have you been feeling extra emotional and drained, male and female alike (can’t blame PMS here!) well apparently it is cancer season as if we needed more reasons!

Still embracing the weird weather in Florida, but what is making me furious these days is the amount of unfairness that women are facing, between the abortion rights taken away, bye-bye Roe v. Wade, to the horrific killing happening in Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Morocco and, many places. Women speak up for your rights, don’t wait for things to happen to you, never settle down for violence and, to be gaslighted that it is you or that it is out of Love, love does not kill.

F for Fun/Facts

You can now host the best Karaoke night with Spotify! make sure your neighbors are on vacation! Read more about the content creators’ burnout and I can testify that this is something I feel and I prioritize mental health and wellbeing above all. This is my advice to everyone out there, You come first!

F for Fashion

I am currently gearing up to follow all the shows virtually during Paris Couture Week, while getting ready for Eid and waiting for sales to grab the best deals for a bright summer, psst I know I have been procrastinating to finish the summer trends blog!
Have you checked the new long-due collaboration between Gucci and Harry styles? What are your thoughts about these collaborations in general? Personally, I feel that they are either a hit or a miss, but in all cases, they are a great marketing strategy and they are creating a fresh take on the different brands. Are you a fan of the new workleisure lines?

F for Food

Summer or not, we all appreciate a meal plan for the whole week, check these six meal prep ideas to help you this week. After eating healthy all week, you earned your decadent brownie!

F for Fitness

Abs are made in the kitchen and on the mat. Give these eleven exercises a try. And since we are talking in elevens, how about eleven – morning workouts to kick start the day!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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