I am craving some stability and security. With all what is happening in Lebanon, I feel like a runaway bride! I am still visiting my sister in USA and as much as I am grateful for having the opportunity to be away physically from the stress, I wish I had the power to distance my mind too. It is hard when a transitional phase in your life is more than a phase as you cannot control the duration. Its outcome is vague and I am kind of in the tunnel waiting for the light. So here is a shoutout to everyone who is at this phase of their life. You are not alone, and sooner or later, we will figure out our way out InshAllah.

F for Fun

I am your guide to everything weird and unique! This week is all about getting married like a socialite

F for Fashion / Beauty

It is not fully summer yet, so we can still have some spring wardrobe edit. Get ready for summer nights and learn how to do this butterfly eyeliner like a pro!

F for Fitness / Health

What is better than a good night of sleep to recharge. Did you know that you can ruin this with what you eat and drink? Check which food and drinks to avoid before bed time. Sweat it out with HIIT then release tension with this hip stretch.

F for Food

Did you hear about the lab made honey? Would you try it? What is better than pie? Strawberry hand pie or that tenderherbs pavlova!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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