It is funny how life takes different turns, as fate dictates it and how wonderful it is to just le it go, and surrender to God’s will. That is how I am now and it is thrilling not knowing what to expect, but mostly to trust that Allah swt will give me what is the best for me.

Sadly, we are still facing superficial and ignorant way of thinking in Lebanon. with all what we are going through, and the many hopes of change, incident like the one in ABC remind me how far we are of getting there. SHAME.

Kindness is also needed with the people who are still suffering from covid symptoms long after the recovery and here is how you can help them. What to do if you are overwhelmed with covid news and how to manage your covid fear. Finally, should you be worried about Stealth variant?

F for Fun

Happiest countries in the world here we come, and if you are not living in any of these, well my lovelies, create your own haven. Get creative on your social media this month with these content ideas.

F for Fitness

Back exercises are a must to have a great posture and support! And oh how I hate love squats!

F for Food

Is coconut sugar healthier than table sugar? And which one to choose: agave or honey. k now time to make this cupid’s smoothie for pre valentine treat!

F for Fashion / beauty

What is Russian manicure all about? K skincare fan? what are the benefits of this Mugwort ingredient?

See you next week!

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