New year ,new Covid Variant made its appearance in Cyrpus, Deltaron is the mix of Omicron and Delta, whhhaaattt??? Don’t panic and learn more about Flurona and PAleaseeee get to know about the isolation recommendations. It is social responsibility on our shoulders. That being said, if you were exposed to COVID at work what are the things that you should know.

Here is something to shift your mood!

F for Fun/ Facts

Flying on a budget? you can save on your airplane ticket without compromising safety. Here are the ten safest low cost carriers. If you are looking to get rich and hop on the digital finance trend of bitcoins and NFT, read this to see if you are ready to invest in crypto.

F for Food

Well Jamie Oliver can surely fire up the appetite even with leftover dish!

F for Fitness

New year fitness goals are at your reach even at home

F for Fashion

Collaborations are the new trend these days in fashion, while last year Fendace and Balenciaga hacked Gucci, this year is carrying on with new dimensions, Loewe collaboration with studio Ghibli celebrating story telling matched with Japanese stitching techniques. Read more about the other collaborations to expect this year

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