And here we are starting another marathon race with time flying as fast as ever. Sooner than we know it will be June and December!

This week between mercury and venus retrogrades mixed with full moon vibes the whole mood was on the emotional side. Since 2009, January became a very hard month, mourning my father’s loss while celebrating my brother’s birthday. Few years after, a new birthday but also a new loss and this time, it was my mom. It is true when you open your eyes to what is going around you, you truly see that you are not alone. And another piece of advice from me is that to never take time for granted, life is unpredictable, short and at any time it takes an unexpected turn.

Miss Rona is still on the roll for the third year in a row, and as we are starting a loyalty card for the vaccine shots, here are the weirdest places to get the vaccine!

F for Fun

My dears, I got your back, here is how you can survive Mercury retrograde and what the ten things that don’t impress us anymore!

F for Fashion

Expect alot of Fashion aha moments next week as Paris couture Fashion week is filled with shows of your favorite designers. Meanwhile, Milano and Paris witnessed the men fashion, and tbh I can totally see myself in many pieces. Many emotions stirred with the last show prepared by Virgil for LV.

F for Fitness

You will love the 2022 fitness trends! We have to admit, we’re getting older my lovelies and these knee strengthening exercises will get handy!

F for Food

No need to skip breakfast anymore, here are 25 breakfast sandwiches recipes to kickstart the day.

See you next week!

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