As the leaves are falling and yellow hues are beating the green, and while I am not a big fan of the weather getting gloomier, one thing that could get me excited for a new season is thinking about outfits and new looks.

So let us hope on the new trends and recreate the looks that for once we are hoping to wear outside this time! making sure to have the tried and true staples while also venturing in new trends that are worth investing in.

Sweater Vests

Cable knit and oversized fits, wear them over dresses or button down shirts, add boots and you are good to go.

Mom jeans

A personal favorite, a more comfortable fit that can be paired with a tight top and heels, an oversized blazer and platform shoes or even bomber jacket and tennis shoes.

Preppy style

Think relaxed business sets so fit for the back to office looks while keeping the sense of comfort with oversized shapes, both skirts and pants, twill and plaid patterns. Play around pairing the blazers with pleated skirts, shirt dresses and button shirts.

Knit Sets

It could be knit top and skirt combo or top and pants co-ord. I would pick cream sets and add a touch of color in the accessories and shoes.

Bold outerwear

In size and colors and prints, breaking the dullness of the gloomy weather.


This season we will shift away of the grey and nude tones to dare more colors in the wardrobe for a more vibrant fall season. We are talking about indigo, clay, army green, lilac, fushia and red!

Accessories and shoes

Cowboy boots: Pointed toes and embroidered leather, knee high and ankle cut, leather and suede, neutral tones and metallic, there is something for everyone! Other trends include lug sole boots, clogs and classy loafers

Printed stockings: which we have seen on designers’ shows with logomania, perfect with a mid length skirt and high platform heels

Oversized shades: with light tints adding a luxurious feel to the look, hello grandpa shades!

Hair cuts

You can always count on the bangs in all their lengths, go boyish or stick into the regular short cut. And if you are feeling adventurous, shaggy cut is the right choice.

Fall skincare tips

You will need to introduce small tweaks into your skincare routine as the humidity drops this may cause more dryness of the skin. The first basic thing is to switch to a thicker moisturizer. I personally love matriskin high performance cream which is suitable for mixed skin as well as soskin stop imperfection serum. As for the body, opt for lotions that could prevent redness and flaky skin, I love also to use the CR7 by matriskin which works well also on healing scars. You can shop my favorites on sohaticare using my code PTITNFIT10 for an extra discount. and the best tip that I can ever give you is to focus on drinking at least 2 L of water per day for the best glow inside out!

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