Last time I had a discussion with my friend on how much people assume to know about the others. Ofcourse this was worsen with the world of social media where a mere post of a corner in the house, a piece of clothes, a cup of coffee presented well or a snippet from a day would make people feel you are living the best days in a luxurious castle served day and night! I wish people would realize that everyone is fighting their own battle and trying their best to survive hardships only the y know about.

Time magazine have recognized the siblings Mohamad and Muna El Kurd in the top 100 influential people this year. And their battle never stopped nor did the apartheid seize to ruin Palestinian’s lives so keep supporting in all ways. Same goes for the ongoing crisis in Lebanon, may Allah miraculously change the situation to better.

As USA announced booster shots for vaccine, you may wonder what happens if you take the flu vaccine and booster shot in the same time?

F for Fun

Whether you intentionally left your work or was dismissed and you are searching for a new opportunity, check these funny relatable tweets!

F for Fitness

Start working for better relationship with working out this season and check this core stability workout that will definitely enhance your posture and mood!

F for Food

So what if you were not on the Met gala guest list! Here is the tahini vegan chocolate cookie by Met Gala chef Sophia to transport you there!

Tahini vegan chocolate cookie

F for Fashion

As if you don’t already know what will this segment be about! Met gala ofcourse! Theme this year was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” so let us see how each celebrity interpreted it in the most talked about looks, the most controversial ones and the not to be missed after party looks.

See you next week!

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