A year passed and the pain didn’t ease, how can it when it is engraved in the soul and mind and heart and scar. A year ago, life flipped to worse dark days for us and Beirut. An explosion that echoed in our lives and shattered it like the glass. And what is not easing the pain is the ongoing injustice towards us victims of not only August but our whole life in Lebanon. Until justice prevails, we will not forgive or forget.

And just like this unfairness in Lebanon, our people in Palestine wait daily for courts to decide based on unjustified laws whether they can still live in their own homes or will be demanded to destroy them, just as their rights to live normally in their own land is taken away.

Delta variant is competing high with its predecessors. Studies are now discussing a booster shot and if you are worried here is how to deal with covid anxiety.

F for fun

Let us spread better mood vibes here as the heaviness we are all feeling is weighing us down. And when everything fails, nothing like distracting TV shows to lift the mood!

F for Fitness / health

As we are dealing with unsupportable heat wave, guess who makes it worse? MOSQUITOESSSSS. Get to know why mosquitoes bite you more! And go ahead and treat bug bites itching.

F for Food

My vegan followers, this one is for you, vegan cookies and vegan pancakes to enjoy on a beautiful Summer morning!

F for Fashion / Beauty

Learn how to use gua sha and how to make Rose water at home for a clear baby skin

See you next week!

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