Tuesdays smell recently like death and fire, after forty days of the explosion in Beirut port, and the consequent events like fires erupting again in the port twice in a row, the fire in Zaha Hadid building in Beirut souks and Beirut sport city. In the end everything is so fishy that it adds up to the despair of a nation that is waiting justice to be served.

As earth keeps turning to be a nasty place to live in, definitely because of humans, should we have hope in the newest discovery of suspected life on Venus? I mean my aliens friends would tag along and we can leave mother earth to the ugliest creatures! Think about it and let me know if you want to join!

Back to Miss Rona, Vaccine development was halted by AstraZeneca while it continues to advance in UAE. As flu season is approaching, check when should you get the flu shot this year and finally what are facial masks does and don’t when eating out.

F for Facts/fun

Let us sweeten the mood, for those who are willing to travel, Lindt has opened a paradise for chocolate lovers in Zurich. And if you prefer snuggling with a warm cup of whatever you please and a book, here are the best books of 2020.

F for Fashion

Make a warm transition to fall with the best Denim trends to shop from zara. 

If you are in USA and high end is what you seek, Amazon has launched its luxury store debuting with Oscar de La Renta. It will only be open to certain VIP Prime members invitation based or you can submit a request!

F for Food

Are you team cookies or pancakes? or both? Why not try this olive oil chocolate cookies and master the art of pancake with these tips.

F for Fitness

Quarantine habits have left you probably staring on screens for too long, and this could affect your physical health, work on improving your posture with these exercises.


See you next week!

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La Petite

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