The count of days keeps growing and no justice was yet served. 40 days almost of pain and loss and yet no investigation have answered the questions that are burning Who was behind the explosion and why? To be very honest, I have little hope, in holding anyone accountable. Last week we held our breath for three days as the Chilean team was searching for “a breath” under the rubble in Mar Mkhayel. Suddenly, the whole story changed, what was declared as a breath was later presented as a machine error of detecting the exhalation of the team. Nothing made sense and again we were left in doubt.

The trauma was relived again on Thursday noon as another fire broke in the port, claiming it to be as “incident”caused by welder to ignite fire in tires and oils. For hours black flames covered Beirut and mountains.

People have resumed living and we keep falling deep in to the economical crisis and higher in the corona cases. Only time will tell how all of this will end, meanwhile we pray for Allah justice and mercy.

The world on another hand is sinking in miseries: floods in Sudan, fires in California and Covid everywhere.

Winter is coming soon, so what will flu be like in COVID era and what to know about asymptotic cases That are causing higher percentage of spread.

F for Facts
Ever wondered what does social distancing look like around the world?

F for Food

Don’t let those overripe bananas go to waste, here are some recipes to enjoy them as desserts! Check also this tdf banana nice cream recipe by Nelly!

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🍨Today we're taking the Banana Nice-Cream we all know and love and fancying it up with some simple & naturally sweetened Caramelized WALNUTS😍; . 😉Kids and grown-ups alike will love this recipe👌; . 😍smooth, creamy and somewhat like soft serve ice cream with delicious crunchy caramelized heavenly walnuts which are a GAME CHANGER 😍 so satisfying that I can’t even describe enough how good it is😋; . 💁‍♀️Easy to make and require very little hands on time so let’s get started 😍; . 🍨🍌For the NICE-CREAM: . – 5 Frozen Ripe Bananas, Cut into Chunks; – 2 tbsps Maple Syrup or Honey; . 🍨For the CARAMELIZED WALNUTS: . – About 3/4 Cup of Walnut Halves;. – 3 tbsps of Maple Syrup or Honey; – 1 tsp of Coconut Oil; ( Can be omitted); ⚠️P.S: Walnuts can be easily substituted with Pecans or Almonds; and feel free to add chocolate chips or Dark Chopped Chocolate; . 🍨INSTRUCTIONS: . 1️⃣ On a Sauce Pan, Combine Walnuts with maple syrup and coconut oil and on a medium heat, Caramelize until syrup is sticky and absorbed but keeping an eye on them not to burn and stirring in between; Then spread them on a Parchment Paper to Harden; 2️⃣ Then in a Food processor or powerful Blender, Blend frozen banana chunks and maple syrup until smooth then stir in some of the caramelized walnuts; 3️⃣ Pour mixture into a loaf pan and freeze for at least 2 hours; 4️⃣ Then Scoop and serve with extra caramelized walnut pieces on top as garnish; . 🍨I hope you ENJOY it FRIENDS as much as I did😉;

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F for Fashion

It is time to “fall proof” your wardrobe with these Fall trends and Relax after with this Facial massage.

F for Fitness

12 minutes body weight exercise and Post workout must does 


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