Summer time, and maybe the living ain’t easy, but we have to keep thriving my loves, we need to show up for ourselves and this too shall pass.

Look at our beautiful city Beirut on the top 10 best MEA and Africa cities, how I wish for better conditions to enjoy its beauty.

A relaxing interior
Beirut vibes

While USA is witnessing a strong hit of the second wave, they are urging people to wear masks as the WHO shared again that the virus could be transmitted by air droplets. On another note, the first vaccine is showing great results on 45 patients, hoping this shows to be effective.

Social distancing is having another face in Barcelona, and while lockdown allowed nature to reclaim its rights that we violated, Barcelona opera celebrated this victory by dedicating an opera performance to plants only!

A message of hope to lift us all in the Arab world and another proud moment with one of my favorite countries, UAE hope mission to Mars is to be launched soon; initially the date was July 14th yet it was delayed due to Japan’s weather.

F for Fun 

Romance and Paris are the best pair, and this summer you can be one of the lucky 150 people who will be at Paris floating movie theater.

If you are willing to travel this year, Greek has tourism deals for this summer so check them out.

Girl gazing at the sea
Throwback to Tampa’s trip

F for Fashion / beauty

Who said that yoga is only for the body and soul, check these Face yoga moves to rejuvenate the skin. Then head and get some roses to make your own rosewater.

F for fitness

We agreed that all bodies are summer bodies and fitness is not for the shape but for your health right! Now get on that mat and let us work the inner thigh with this killer workout!

Girl at workoutPilates time

F for Food

Summer fruits are just so good to eat raw, in ice cream, in a refreshing smoothie and even in jam, check those summer jam recipes, and pick your favorite to top these vegan pancake.

Melons and watermelonsSummer fruits

See you next week!

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