July has started so far without major surprises, how funny is it that we now expect the worse of each month! To be honest, it makes me appreciate the blessings of each day and feel grateful for the tiny things.


Last Saturday, I finally got the chance to visit Beit Douma, and enjoy the serenity  of the place and the hospitality of Souka El Tayeb Family over a lunch with great company.
The renovated old house still has the feel of a grandmother with the decoration and warmth of reception. You can enjoy lunch daily at Tawlet Douma or book your stay in one of their rooms.


And what is a better way to explore the area than a road trip with loud music to cheer you up and a convertible car! I was in need to disconnect of the chaotic present and recharge. From Douma to Laqlouq to a stop at Afqa where we savored a homey cooked dinner with the energy of the flowing water and the attentive hosts. The road trip under the full moon was resumed in all the surrounding villages up to Beirut.


Our rustic lunch
Vintage corner
Beit Douma



Beit Douma
Vintage corner
Souk Douma
Beit Douma

F for Fun /facts

Not for the faint hearted, would you dare spend a night at this open air hotel? Practice social distancing while enjoying an experience that is in between hotel and camping!

On other COVID 19 news, USA granted NOVAVAX  $1.6 billion to help speed up its development of a vaccine and the EPA gave Lysol its stamp of approval, confirming that two of its products kill the virus on surfaces.

27_ZERO_REAL_ESTATE_Null Stern Spin-off_Lüsis Suite_©Patrik Riklin Switzerland_2020
Null star hotel Switzerland


F for Food

You have probably heard alot about mindful eating recently as this is the new trend in adopting a healthy lifestyle and that gives an over lasting result.
Now that you know, prepare and enjoy these healthy popsicles.


F for Fitness

Shape your abs with these 21 core exercise and end your workout with this soothing yoga flow.

Yoga with Adriene


F for Fashion

This week witnessed the most creative and beautiful presentations of the Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 and resort collections. Some designers like Balenciaga and Giorgio Armani omitted shows while Dior crafted a magic miniature presentation of the collection in a video that takes breath away, Balmain celebrated the maison’s 75th anniversary in a cruise in the Seine. Valentino unleashed the photography skills of Pierpaolo Piccioli who kept the simplicity in the designs that reflect human imperfection. Zimmerman Lovestruck collectionn is whimsy and bubbly as perfect mix for vacation wardrobe. Ralph & Russo’s presentation  have all the fantastical fairy tale charm you expect from the designers. As for Giambattista Valli, he celebrated his love of gardens in his new resort collection. Viktor and Rolf  collection reflected the stages of emotions that we had during this pandemic.



Ralph Russo - Look 7 - Avatar
Ralph and Russo
Viktor and Rolf

See you next week!

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