Hello peeps, how are you holding up now that we welcomed March, SPRING IS COMING brace yourselves. Warmer days, blossoming flowers, greener lands and beautiful mood.

In the midst of worldwide chaos with COVID19 virus, the raise in spread and number in deceased patients.
It was interesting to read this link about the difference between women and men in relevance to the effect of the virus.
But how can one keep their calm? Check these ten steps to prepare for global pandemic, and mostly focus on the prevention, here is what you need to know about the use of gels.

Smile sunshines

F for Fitness (Health)

How much are you taking care of yourself?  Do you know how healthy you are? Take this test to assess yourself and see where can you improve.

Reformer pilates

F for Food

A healthy lifestyle builds a better immune system, have you ever used nutritional yeast? Do you know what it is the difference between it and the baker yeast? Well here are some interesting facts and uses for the nutritional yeast.

Goat cheese salad

F for fashion

The final week in fashion month was the cherry on top, Paris has ended it as sweetly as it started in NYC. Lacoste, Louis vuitton , Miu Miu , Alexander Mcqueen, Gimabattista Valli, Paco Rabanne, margiela and chanel.  The trends are announcing a promising FW2020 as I explained here.

Kaia Geber For Chanel


F for Fun

Don’t feel bad for most travel bans due to Corona virus, and while you are waiting dreaming about your next trip to Rome, check what is happening to trevi fountain. I guess you will need a good hand to make a wish now!

Trevi fountain

See you next week!

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