People are extremely panicking over the spread of corona Virus, and the issue that we have here in Lebanon with the lack of prevention measures while we are still running  normal flights with infected countries, it is just frustrating.

Let us take care of ourselves meanwhile and check this very nice video to help you protect yourself and others.


F for fun

We can finally have a revenge moment over GOT fans, sorry not sorry:P, and the rumors were true, our favorite comedy show will come back for one  episode,  It’s an “exclusive untitled unscripted special, and you can check what Courtney said about it here.

Friends Reunion HBOMAX

F for Fashion

Paris is the sweet end of the fashion month. From Dior to YSL, Off-white, and Chloe, the shows so far have been the most appealing, and got me again glued to my screen depicting the new trends for the AW 2020. To sum it up, expect the ongoing statement shoulders and sleeves, back to the 70s with accessories and prints, bourgeois touch with the collard, leather on leather, brunt brown and grey on grey, tartan and green not to forget the neutrals.


F for Food

Who can resist the smell of fresh baked goods, but dem calories, dat summer bodyyyy. Well, here are bunch of healthy baking recipes.

Cinnamon roll, please healthy alternative!

F for Fitness

Did you know apparently there is worst time to workout. Hints it has to do with your sleep hygiene!

Reformer Pilates


See you next week!

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