Between the weather’s schyzophrenia and the back to school mood, this week was sort of, kind of, mostly a weird week!

Oh but wait, I had  fun at the 90s themed event at Subdued in ABC dbayeh, check their new collection for a nostalgic feeling guaranteed.

Game boy fans?

I managed to disconnect a bit in my hometown before being back to the hectic city life, which I love by the way!

Fresh from the tree


And I was spoiled by delivery from Mariolino Pizza, you really don’t want to miss their Tiramissu and pizza!

Pizza Siciliana, tarufo e fungi, insalata ruccola and Insalata panzanella
Happy girl!

F for Fun

How can we NOT start this week by the most awaited event, the launch of the new Apple products: iphone, ipad and apple watch. So before you decide if you will upgrade, take a look at the new features as well as the available colors. You can always get me with you the green!

silhouette of man on stairs
Photo by Duophenom on

F for Fashion

My eyes were glued on every single valuable story this week, it is NEW YORK BABY! And it was AMAZING. Here is a recap to see some of the shows. I cannot choose a favorite, many designers were presenting clothes that we can actually WEAR!


F For Fitness

Get back on track and without leaving your house, for those days when you feel too lazy to go to your gym or the class you signed up for, here are exercises that require no equipment, just your body weight. Now move it!

woman in white tank top standing on concrete surface
Photo by Luis Quintero on

F for food

And when you are done, go back home and bake that scrumptious lemon almond cake! Oh and invite me over or send me a piece!

Almond cake in Movenpick Tunis

See you next week!

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La Petite

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