If one week was to define this week, it would be EXHAUSTING! but woof it is done and here comes the weekend.

Last weekend I was thrilled to discover the summer menu of Green junkie developed by Chef Sally Jane, in one charming location: little reed farm in Kosaybi. Both are so recommended!

I also attended the premiere of Men In Black 4, and I hated it (oups)!

Now let us get serious!

F For fact

Yesterday marked the world refugee day; every day many are being deprived the simple right to have a home. If it wasn’t for the humanity in our hearts, they would have been in worse place. What is better than food to unite? These ten restaurants around the world are integrating many refugees and allowing them to express their  love for their hometown by cooking. Spot the Lebanese initiative too!

Credits to Forbes


F for Fitness

Raise your hands 9 to 5 peeps, smart phone addicts, and netflix aficionados , guilty of bad postures after long office hours. But hey don’t despair; these tips and stretches could help you re-correct the harm!

photo of woman doing yoga
Photo by Li Sun on Pexels.com


F for Fashion (beauty)

Youtube is testing a new AR feature to allow you applying the makeup tutorials virtually while watching them! While the AR is not newly used for beauty (Sephora, Youcam and Target) yet this one is purely for fun. Myself would love using it!


F for food

With every emerging trend comes the suspicious inquiries about its legitimacy. Internet has been raving about the benefits of Celery juice, so what is the reality behind it?! One thing is sure, I looooved The fruit bar version!

Credits to Healthline


See you next week!

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La Petite

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