How to conquer your fears? Face them!

One of the things that scare me usually is unsecured heights! The funny thing is that ever since my trip to Sweden, I dream about my next apartment over the highest floor overlooking the city!

In the sky!

When I received the invitation from the Dinner in the sky team, in Faraya, I was a bit afraid and hesitant, would I actually dare and push my limits to join them?
And then I said, why not! So I hit the reply with Thank you , count me In!

In front of Chateau d’eau, the crane was there to lift the dinning table which will host around 12 invited people, catered by non other than top Chef Jean Jabbour from Em georges Cuisine.

Chateau d’eau

I was happy to have a look at the lobby that was recently renovated to be followed by the hotels rooms, preserving its charming vintage vibes.

Outside, the feast was being prepared, busy team was rushing to get everything ready before it was time for us to hop on board.

We were briefed about the safety procedures, and securely, the crane lifted the table, to be honest, i was soooooo scared when we were leaving the ground, but the, I found the perfect technique, simply I avoided looking down, I mean why do I wana even look down, while the panoramic view infront of me was breathtaking!

Chef jean and his team, were not only spoiling our taste buds, but also entertaining us with great music and fun shots!

Fun in the sky

The food was tasty, the atmosphere was charming and the 30 minutes or so passed like a blink!

Would I do this again, you bet! Make sure to check the coming location for Dinner in the sky

Where to next?!

Stay Fabulous!

La Petite


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