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After our first collaboration, it is time for Badura and I to share with you our skin care routine!

Badura and I will give you our tips to maintain the healthy glow during this holy month. This time we are comparing hers vs mine! Her 20s vs my 30s!

Before we share the skincare routine, and as I previously recommended, during Ramadan, it is crucial that you drink enough water between Iftar and Souhour, not less than 6-8 cups and to get enough sleep; yes beauty sleep is not a myth!

Let us start with Badura, shall we! Go ahead sweetie, tell me!

In a nutshell, everybody hates having red flare ups, right? And, I know you want to see immediate results right away! Those DAMN red flare ups I’ve had , were on my cheek area ( WOEFUL AF!). I’ve had so many breakouts for so long due to the constant use of makeup as well as utilizing harsh products during the cleansing process ( don’t do it too often okay?).
I, truly believe that the key to have a good skin is : JUST KEEP YOUR ROUTINE SIMPLE! And, I’m seriously talking because “ LESS IS MORE”. In other words, the less products you use, the better it is for your skin ( at least from what I have experienced recently).

 Let’s head towards the HOLY GRAIL products I personally recommend:

1. In order to get the job done, you have to wash up your face very well so no makeup residue is left! I use :The Eucerin “DERMO PURIFYER” cleanser ( soap&fragrance free); this cleanser works effectively as it gently eliminates the excess sebum while removing makeup. Therefore, it leaves the skin feeling fresh and supple ( due to the presence of 6% of AMPHO-TENSIDE). You can find this product on Feel 22 ( use BKFEEL22 for a 10% OFF) .


How to use it:

Apply the cleanser to hands and work it into a lather before applying it to the skin. Rinse with warm water.

2. Now that you have your face cleansed ( FEELING FRESH, and all GOOD!), you have to moisturize it. When it comes to moisturizers, I have tried tons of products that worked for numerous people but not for me! So, the best thing that I came across is “OILS” ( WTF? , are you serious?). Yes, OILS! It is simple OIL combats OIL. If you actually add oils
to your skin, it causes your skin to produce less oils as well as sebum that will lead to breakouts.I use the Grape seed oil from the brand “NOW”; this oil gives your skin a lot of elasticity and helps with the scars too! (Yuhooo!)


How to use :

a. Apply some dots on your fingertips
b. Spin it around and warm it up
c. PAD it into your skin ( it’s the key for a better result yo yo !) because it’s much better than rubbing it all over.

3. I use the MARIO BADESCU facial spray way before the hype kicked in. Noticeably, it has cleared up my skin wonderfully. You’ll be head over heels in love with this products. It is rich in Aloe herbs and rosewater which is refreshing, hydrating, and invigorating. It helps the products soak into skin really fast leaving your skin lightly refreshed and boosted from any tight complexion.


Last but not least , keeping you on the simplicity train,  follow the same steps in the morning but without cleansing! You should remove the word CLEANSING from you’re your routine only in the morning. Just wash your face with cold water as soon as you wake up for a natural boost! ( you’re going to do your face a favor ).

In essence, you can use the products that I recommended without worrying about any
side-effect; henceforth, I have researched everything about them and they are completely natural/safe.

Awesome Badura, well off to me I guess!

Like you, I have suffered with breakouts for a long time, and not because of makeup but because I failed to find products that are suitable to my skin type, and between different dermatologists I was in despair until I followed Georgette Richa‘s advice and I found the glow!

So here is my skin care routine:

1- Yes Darling, WASH WASH WASH, and my favorite product is Clean and Clear daily wash, this daily wash contains small granules that work as exfoliation agents and remove the excess oil, dead cells and dirt leaving your skin smooth and clean. However unlike you, I swear by cleansing in the morning as well as in the eve!

You can find this product on  Feel 22 ( use PTITNFITFEEL22 for a 10% OFF) .


How to use it:

On wet hands, apply small amount and rub it before gently applying it in circular moves on your face, wash it with cold water and BAM a beautiful clean skin!

2- Morning routine: on an ultra fresh clean skin, it has been few years that I am using the Sheer Refining fluid from Exuviance  with SPF 35. It contains NeoGlucosamine. a powerful ingredient that protects the skin from aging!

How to use it:

Just put a small amount on each corner of the face and start massaging it gently.

I also pamper under eyes with the Eye contour from Exuviance which combats puffiness, hydrates and instantly illuminate and brighten the eyes.

How to use it:

Tapping a very tiny amount from the outside to the inside and massage it on your eye lids too


3- Evening routine: After thorough research, serums are the most efficient when it comes to skin care, my favorite product is the Bionic serum by Exuviance, which works on the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dullness and enlarged pores. One day over two I pair it with the Night Renewal Hydragel which helps decreasing excess oiliness, dark spots and keeps the skin moisturized. My advice is to also treat the neck with the same care!


How to use both:

Just put a small amount on each corner of the face and start massaging it gently.

I use the same Eye cream at night too.

When the inevitable happens, and those defiant pimples dare to show, I use onspot the blemish treatment and never would be left with a scar!

And finally, at least once a month, I treat my face with facial treatments, either home or at Georgette’s.

Et voila! We hope that you found our tips helpful! And don;t forget to follow us: Badura’s instagram Handle @badurakorfan and my pages on instagram and facebook!


From Badura and La Petite


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