The eyes enjoyed the scenes, it is time for the human basic needs. Belgrade amazed me with its culinary scene. Not one single meal was deceiving, not one single cup of coffee was missed.

Below are the places that I visited and would definitely recommend, actually they are a Must try!

Boutique one

In the heart of TRG square, a café trottoir just pick your table if you were lucky enough to find one outside and enjoy their international menu. I tried their salmon salad with pumpkin seeds. The freshness contrasted with the warm salmon and the crust is just amazing!



An unmissable restaurant with Greek vibes. The outside seating, which we were not lucky enough to enjoy is just awesome. The fresh catches of the day, the Bread comes with a side of tuna tapenade, a green salad ( Dalmatian mix with tomatoes and peppers)and the grilled Angler fish steak with anchovies, dried cherries cherry tomato sauce served over a light tasty polenta. The potatoes with rosemary are also a good option as a side.

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Two deers or Dva Jelena 

Imagine a restaurant that has Six different rooms, each with a different vibe, collectible items spread all over the interiors, and the paintings adorning the walls. You are transported to another era! The fresh bread cut in four and a spicy mix on top, the fresh green salad tamed our hunger till the main course landed. The fresh catch of the day with a side of grilled veggies was succulent.

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Italian in the heart of Belgrade, why not! I have not had such tasty bruschettas since Vespe e forchette. Goat cheese with grilled red pepper ( very famous in Belgrade) and spinach with goat cheese, walnuts and cranberries all baked in their wood oven, are you drooling yet!

Mama shelter:

A concept boutique hotel, a restaurant and outdoor area overlooking the city, they even have a fireplace on the middle!One an evening I had the most decadent hot chocolate and came back to have my birthday brunch. Unfortunately they stopped serving at 11 and had to wait an additional hour to order from the regular menu. They have a great Mediterranean menu of which I tried

The greek salad with feta shavings and not cubes with gave it an incredible creaminess.

And the grilled salmon served in the wooden dumpling basket with a veggie slaw and a side soy sauce

I had to try their humus, well a good attempt but lacked the creamy texture, improvements to be made!

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What you surely find beautifully scattered over the city are their concept cafés. I personally enjoyed my honey cocoa tea and the second day my cuban roast cappuccino in a place that caught my heart. Kafeterjia is a MUST visit. Such a beautiful location over three floors, all over looking the central table with its huge vase. They sell their roast, they even have a and the barista is surely skilled. The walls were left rough and the contrast with the velvet dark blue seating is just amazing.

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Finally ain’t a vacation without ice cream; I tried Sapore but was not super impressed. However before leaving, we were told that Plazma flavor is a must try! In fact like lotus and oreo, it is a kind of biscuit and IceBox mastered the ice cream flavor!

The page is turned, and the globe is waiting for a new discovery, so what do you think, where should I go next?!

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