It is already the month anniversary of my birthday! My bad for not sharing yet with you my yearly thoughts!

Trust me, when they warn you of the thirties, they are ignorant! Thirties are just the best period at least so far since can’t compare with more! It is proven by experience!

Since the first days of my 30s, my perception changed and is still evolving. It is not about maturity, it is beyond being defined or classified under one category.

Once you cross that door, you can feel it. In every aspect of your life. Your body image, self-esteem, priorities, ambition, relationships, lifestyle and the list goes on and on an on.

This year’s celebration was super special! I actually spent my birthday in Belgrade as part of my collaboration with Ouibook.

Waking up in another city, in another country this year was by itself an awesome gift I presented to myself! You can check here to know also how the day was spent.

Once back to Lebanon, the celebrations carried on! With beautiful colleagues who spring- proofed the celebration, and awesome friends who always make the difference!

I look back at last year ‘s post and I am amazed how many things have changed this year equally.

I am still at my regular day job, but PtitNFit is not by any chance stagnant, my pages are growing and the messages that I get from you are encouraging me to keep improving myself.

This year was an eye opener, again, on human relationships, on the fact that your honesty and compassion are precious not to be distributed for free as not all deserve it.

I might have fallen for some smiles that were in fact open mouths to devour me, but Hamdella, as God is always by my side, and help me wake up always of some hypnotic situations, to see what is the real “metal” of these persons, pretending to be caring, while they are sick minded and their presence is poisonous.

However, I was also lucky with new connections with people whom presence is of a great support and value. I am continuously blessed with my rocks: family and close friends whitout whom my life would have been meaningless.

More and more, I am now aware that I should NEVER underestimate my sixth sense and  my intuition those are my secret weapons! When situations smell fishy well simply it is because they are! And when I feel genuine connection, well, because it is there!

A new year is promising alot and the best is yet to come…


La Petite

2 thoughts on “What does it feel like to be 3 3?! Third time is the charm!

  1. La amazing ptite! You never cease to charm us with all your thoughts and this time with a well shared piece of wisdom;) here’s to double the luck 33, fun, smiles, blessings and so much love😊


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