It has been around a month or so since I received the wellness basket of extra virgin coconut oil and the scrubs from Cocobellas.


Numerous studies have proven few years ago the benefits of this natural product that does wonders.

From its use in hair care and revitalization damaged locks, to the moisturizing effect on all kin types even dry ones (now with winter knocking),  to boosting immunity and many other benefits.
Scientific approach was used to access the “healing” of guts by introducing the element to the diet. Other studies are sometimes confusing, my advice is moderation when it comes to consuming the oil in your diet, and go generous on your hair and skin!

After one month of use, I was amazed of how this simple product was beneficial on my skin, hair and nails.

I have meticulously used the extra virgin coconut oil every night to smoothen the cuticles as I took a decision around year ago to stop removing them as it is a vicious circle and was constantly searching for adequate product until I used this oil. You can see results from the first week.

Shiny locks, yes please! Once a week pampering the roots and massaging my scalp, and my hair has gained healthy reflections and is behaving.

My skin was also benefiting from the use of the soap scrubs that were massaging same time as exfoliating the dead skin leaving it soft as babies!


They even have lip balm to treat the chopped lips.

You have been accustomed to me now, I would not want to keep good stuff to myself, and as you have seen previously on my pages, you can use the code: PTITNFIT to profit from 20% of your purchases from cocobellas

Shop now via their website or WhatsApp 03-068868


With CoCo love

La Petite

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