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With the innovation that is ruling the food and drinks outlets in Lebanon, it is becoming harder for the newly opened ones to distinguish themselves.

A new trendy wave of the renovated old houses turned into restaurants is noticed and especially since the new neighborhood of Mar Mkhayel – Geitawei was explored.

I headed with my friend on a search to find El Brimo, signs leading to it were put on Mar Mkahyel’s main street, up towards Geitawei hospital, yet none were placed when you reach the hospital. Luckily we got help from the neighbors around.


A beautiful location indeed, lit garden with a water fountain in the middle, however I could not help but feel it is a copy of Al falamanki.

As it was too hot, we opted indoor seating. The space is also very beautifully decorated but the tables could be organized in more efficient way.

The hostess was a bit rude as she was showing us the tables, we finally picked an available one, just as we sat down, she told us we had to move because a big group is coming. She even said you are already coming without a reservation, knowing we are only two, as a reply to our complaint of all the negative answers we got to each table we picked. I was upset at that point as we struggled to reach them and would have expected a better welcome.

We finally were allowed to take our seats, thank god at that point some decent service was accorded from the lovely waiter who was assisting us.

We ordered:

  • Man2oushit zaatar and labne: beautifully shaped, thin crust yet the mix was a bit bland


  • Man2oushit jibni harra: same shape and crust with a very tasty filling: right amount of spiciness and the cheese used was very light,


  • Halloum salad: for once a very decent portion of grilled halloum cubes over a bed of rocca, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and dried cranberries all tossed with a tangy dressing: I Loved it!


I was not super impressed overall maybe because the start was deceiving, oh not to mention that she did not even bother to say Good bye when we were leaving.

A proper training is needed to the hostess to learn how to be act with customers.






2 thoughts on “El brimo: copied identity

  1. Living in the area of the mentioned restaurant, I’d like to add something: while the service is indeed to be improved (we also had the same experience with the host: we were two people and wanted to have a drink, but it seemed that all table we picked were booked! we finally managed to negotiate as it was only 7pm and the guest would not arrived before 8 or 9), the valet parking is a drama in the neighbourhood: cars are parked without respecting rules and creates a lot of traffic, especially on week end, and therefore noise (klaxon). I am wondering what kind of agreement they have with the municipality, or local authorities….


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