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Do you remember a bar that closed in Hamra alleyway and was called Jackie-O (O for Onassis)? Well gladly it re-opened its doors  but in a different location in Saifi, right behind pre-Beirut on the right turn from Lux.

Same interpretation of the lady Jackie style, a little sophistication and class in a relaxed great atmosphere, they nailed it! Expect a wall of Jackie’s portraits, huge chandeliers and a beautiful retro chic decoration. We made sure to reserve ahead, the manager himself received us and guided us to our table which should be for 6 but could use an extension because it was a bit tight. However they were sweet enough to upgrade us to one of the lounges as it became available!

We ordered:

– Regular fries served in their basket crunchy and crispy with a Dijon mustard dip

– Breaded calamari with a cocktail sauce: a generous portion served hot and crunchy

– Chicken porcino: bravo chef, it was one of the tastiest: from the seasoning to the cooking that left the chicken breast moist and bursting with flavors. The mushroom sauce enhances the experience.

– Steak and frites covered with pepper sauce that has this aftertaste kick, enjoyable!


– Exotic shrimp: was expecting better and I think the recipe should be revisited: first the serving is beautiful in a pineapple boat however there were hardly two pineapple pieces, the sauce covering the leafy greens was too creamy neither sweet nor chilly and it kind of masked the other flavors, and finally there were less than tiny four pieces of shrimps. It was not pleasant.

Overall, the amazing pleasant vibes were the recipe for Friday eve well spent! Mr. Dj, Manager and Alaa you had a big share of enhancing the eve thank you!

I would love to be back and recommend you to try it too!

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