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A vintage sign has caught our attention when passing near the building facing ABC Achrafieh, the same one that hosts Republic and the creative design Shop Décalé.

This is the sign, to be improved with more lighting maybe, belonging to l’Auberge des bois, sister of the Bikfaya outlet.

Arriving at the main entrance of the building, we were a bit confused if the two restaurants have the same stairs; until approved by the valet parking personnel. The lack of signs for L’Auberge should be sorted out.

When we reached the first floor, we entered the door to the left and did not suspect that it was Republic, we tried to choose a seating and it wasn’t until the hostess handed us the menus that we figured it! We apologized and headed as per her directions to take the elevators to the first floor where l’Auberge is.

And so we crossed the door and were directly transported from the hustle and rustle of the city to a very charming and cozy warm place.

The management was still having their staff meeting when we entered, but they directly greeted us and lead us to a table of our choice.

It was a bit awkward to be there with my friend while only couples were entering later on! But I would still recommend it for the sake of the lovely service and the delicious food!

The warm bread basket with butter and sea salt very beautifully presented on a black ardoise was more than welcome!

We ordered:

  • Velouté tout vert from the salad section: a thick mix of asparagus, broccoli and peas purée poured over pieces of these ingredients and goat cheese (my friend opted for no cheese). We cannot deny the freshness of the ingredients, however we tried so hard to make it less fade yet did not make it. So we just left it aside. When the waiter asked us, we expressed our opinion. He insisted on replacing it with another soup, yet we ensured him there was no need. But the exquisite customer oriented management removed it from the Bill; Chapeau!


  • Goat cheese salad: what a plate: a very generous quantity of greens and tomatoes, garnished with nuts and dried figs all coated with the honey dressing and decorated with four big pieces of breaded goat cheese over brown toast: Loved it! and would totally recommend it.


  • Three tomatoes bruschetta: four regular pieces of rustic bread crowned by cherry tomatoes seasoned to perfection: so light and tasty


  •  THE final was the best: Pain Perdu: so far it is THE BEST: hail to the chef for such creation, it melts in you mouth and the sweetness of the caramel and burnt sugar just the needed dose. As for the vanilla ice cream on the side, it was so dense and chewy. We loved and enjoyed every single bite!


Thank you L’Auberge management for such a lovely eve. This place has it all: setting and decoration totally in coherence with the theme, warm service from all the staff and amazing creations by the Chef.

It also has live entertainment on the piano from Wednesday to Saturday starting 9:30 pm!

I can’t wait to be back, to try their Bikfaya mother branch and for summer to come to experience their rooftop!



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