Happy International Labor’s day my hard workers, While USA chose to have it in September to declare the end of summer season, I do prefer having it May 1st to celebrate the warmer temperatures!

Here is this week’s round.

F For Fun

Don’t we all love to have the instagram worthy perfect morning routine! As we know how hard it is, here is a funny take on that!


F for Fitness (diet)

Preparation for the summer body is on fire! Let’s do this differently this time, and here are some diet myths debunked and alternative takes on them

Credits to Aww Memes

F for Food

Still with the same health craze, energy balls can be a great snack option, most of them are no bake and they are full of nutrients, here are three recipes for you to experiment with

Credits to Appetite for energy

F for fashion (beauty)

With the extended happy hours, dinners on the balconies, and evening out with friends, it might be hard to catch the 8 hours beauty sleep, the concealer comes to rescue us from Panda eyes, and here are tricks to master putting yours.

Credits to Funny  

See you next week!

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