Oh Happy Birthday to Me! I will be sharing my yearly lessons learnt and special bday post inshallah, meanwhile, still dealing with loads of work and tasks and LEBANON! I am praying that Ramadan brings us the well needed peace of mind and heart.

F for fun /Facts

Some wild Oscars and after party moments, plus how to diet like a socialite, yes that is a thing! TikTok brought a “de-influencing” trend, but is it really different from “influencing”?

F for Fashion

It is almost the end of Fashion month (extended) as Paris Fashion week ended, Versace turned heads in the show held in LA and Dubai marked its spot with amazing designers. No to forget the Oscars and Vanity fair as well as other related parties, check my reel for the review!

F for Fitness

Flaunt your biceps with these exercises, do you really need to push yourself that much in workout? So how can you fall asleep? Improve your posture with Pilates.

F for Food

Did you start preparing for Ramadan, Patty is here to help you with many recipes like the basic baked pita. Soup is the Iftar staple, so take a look at these 7 recipes that are immunity boosting too! Save room for desserts, Castell cake by swee.tideas

See you next week!

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La Petite

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