Hello 2023 and Happy epiphany and Armenian Christmas to all those celebrating it. How is the first week treating you, were you the king or queen this year?
Between post holiday blues, Mercury retrograde, Full moon and co, I am personally in a very weird phase, it is not anger or mood swings, it is a deep state of reflection, and no it is not related to the new year resolutions mood, it actually started during the last months of last year, and I am actually loving it! You know that wake up call that reminds you of your own value, and pushes you to evaluate everything, from relationships, to work to your own behavior, will a new me be born after that? Do you relate?

F for Fun/Facts

Having travel plans for the year, you might hit the jackpot with these middle seat lottery! Start the year on good self care note with these stress relieving activities.

F for Fashion

Start the year with shopping the 2023 top trends and stay comfortable with these 13 loungewear styling ideas. Did Emily inspire you to cut bangs! Before you dig in, check which length is better for your face shape. Keep checking my fav lists on Revolve and Fwrd for the best styles and deals!

F for Fitness

What to do before and after a workout. Are you team rest days or active recovery? Dance it out with Heather!

F for Food

Breakfast in a mug sounds appealing to me, so are these protein packed breakfast for a better start of the day. Let them eat Galette!

See you next week!

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