As excitement is rising for the world cup, many surprises have kept everybody glued to the screens and on the field, we can’t but be proud of Morocco and its astonishing win against Spain, now that the quarter finals are here, who are you cheering for? Did your team make it to this step?

I try not to give attention to the full moon’s effect but it never allows me to! Bye bye deep sleep, knowing tat I already have chronic insomnia and mind you there is a mercury retrograde that is on it way end of December, so get ready to welcome the new year with the good spirit!

I am getting my styling packages ready for you to discover your styles and look at your best for the holidays! Keep your eye son this blog and my social media for more and reach out if you want to customize a package for you and your loved ones.

F for Facts /Fun

Who wants to move to Italy? Is that even a question! How about being paid to move? Interesting huh! Do you dread winter or do you thrive in it?

F for Fashion

Styling your looks for the holidays? Check what are the winter trends to ditch and what to get instead. After Barbiecore, are you ready to embrace biker trend?

F for Fitness

A full body workout for beginners, no need to wait the new year to start the change, and while you are at it, listen to these hip hop songs to hype your workout.

F for Food

Are you up to impress your guests? Cook this pasta and breadcrumb and pick one of these 50 healthy desserts recipes or these brownies from Nourkanny.

See you next week!

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