Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrated it yesterday, may gratitude and joy fill your heart and world! Finally, I celebrated a sort of traditional Thanksgiving dinner with dear friends and it was such an amazing one where each got to prepare something and we surely enjoyed it!

The previous weeks have been intense, I have experienced two of the things that I wanted to work in, content writing (I mentioned it earlier) with none other than Annahar, grateful for the experience and for seeing many of my ideas getting published, I am preparing for you a list of all the articles with inks to check! And aaannnndd, your girl was also part of casting for something extremely important that will be out soon, stay tuned as I am sure you will LOVE it. It was hard hard work, early shoot days and long ones, but the end result will be worth it!

F for Fun /facts

Holiday gift shopping has started, and with great deals on Black Friday deals, so here are gifts ideas for women in your life, trust me you don’t want to mess that! Talking about women, what is the 5 5 5  method for couples fight?

F for Fashion

Get ready for temperatures dropping and get your winter basics and check how to look chic throughout winter.

F for Fitness/ Health

Overeating season has come! If you are feeling bloated and annoyed, here is how to detox your body fast (no pills or weird things included!). Look at your best in the gatherings by following these 10 morning habits to look 10 years younger, Aunt Suzan can’t judge you anymore! 

F for Food

Desserts are the best part of meals aren’t they! Like this salted dark chocolate pudding, or a homey version of the St Sebastian Cheesecake by mightylebanon.

See you next week!

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