While Mariah is getting ready to defrost and declare the holiday season, I am looking forward the vibes and spirit that is so contagious with joy and happiness, don’t we all need it?! It is true that time is slipping so fast, but it is extremely important to stand still for a while and also appreciate what you have experienced, stop underestimating any achievement that you had this year, trust me once you think about it you will find if not one victorious big moment, definitely tiny ones that are taking you slowly and steadily to better version of you!

F for Fun/ facts

Time to be accustomed with Mars retrograde! Mercury is not the only one to blame! How about you take your dog out on a date, fancy dog restaurants are trending these days!

F for Fashion

Transitional wardrobe might be easier than you think, transit your slip dresses from summer to fall. Get to know the wedges shoes trend and how you can style them this fall!

F for Fitness

Home workouts are your go to, whether you are a beginner or not, they are very practical and can be done even in the smallest spaces. Check this beginner calisthenics workout. Even better, workout in front of the TV, sign me up! Finally some gym vs home moves explained.

F for Food

Apple mug cake recipe and Taylor Swift’s favorite chocolate chip cookies are truly irresistible and so are these simple to make cookies by cooking with love!

See you next week!

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