Eclipse, retrograde, seasonal change, whatever that is, the stars aren’t having any hard time messing with our lives! They need to chill and let us chill too! Who else is overwhelmed and still processing January while we are almost in November?! Lebanese people, don’t forget that time saving is effective this Sunday, hello gloomy weather and shorter nights.

I celebrated love last week at my baby cousin’s wedding, may your life be filled with joy my sweetest Nadia and Khaled.

F for Facts

Scary, not halloween per se news, butttt there was no treat for Ye anymore! Adidas cuts ties with Kanye after many of his faulted statements, following the trail of other brands like Balenciaga yeezy gap and his social media bans from twitter and Instagram. More details also in diet prada’s post. While some collaborations end, others begin; luxury is invading the game world now with the newest Burberry and Minecraft collaboration.

F for Fashion

Get inspired by the best pop culture looks this year for Halloween looks and these makeup looks for the best dressed and glammed award in any party you attend!

Side note news, about the Fashion Trust Arabia awards that happened two days ago in Qatar and in the frame of Qatarcreates many celebrities flew to celebrate with Sheikha Moza and Sheika AlMayyasa.

F for Fitness

Halloween is all about fun right! So besides the steps that you will walk during the trick or treat run this weekend, how many steps should you walk to reduce the risk of chronic diseases?

F for Food

What happens when you combine bruschetta and avocado toast, flavor explosion! Get creative this Halloween with this spooky snack boards ideas! Frosted pumpkin cookies by Ifyougiveablondeakitchen for the win!

See you next week!

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