It is funny how things work in this life. Allah has his wisdom in the sequence of events that when you let things be, you feel an immense relief. I have been trying non stop to control and put things on track, or so have I thought. I let go, and just like that, I received many opportunities, and I am so grateful for every single one.

If you follow me on instagram, I shared recently that I started working on wildrose_bynisrine page managing her social media platforms and working on styling some of the looks. I have some other projects that I will talk about soon inshAllah so stay tuned!

F for Fact

Yesterday, UK and the world were saddened by the loss of Queen Elizabeth who ruled for almost 70 years. Here is a look back at her life in portraits.

How many times have you found yourself intimidated to join a whatsapp group and was to shy to leave? Now you can without anyone noticing!

F for Fashion /Beauty

While I am working on the new fall trends post (writing it here to make myself accountable!), a new collaboration is dropping this time between Zara and Narciso Rodriguez, Richard Quinn and Tommy Hilfiger’s collection is already out and, Gigi Hadid dropped her first Cashmere collection. How about some new haircuts ideas to refresh your style. Swag but make it chic with the octopus haircut, and for the more adventurous you can try the jellyfish haircut!

F for Fitness

What is the best training to build muscles strength? I would definitely recommend these 11 yoga exercises to stretch and strengthen. Or this workout with Pam!

F for Food

What mistakes are you making when you season your food? How to reheat leftover pasta and how to make this fudgy brownie by The salted sweets!

See you next week!

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