How are you doing my peeps. Ramadan is blessing my days and minimizing the horror we live in Lebanon because of those who simply are not afraid of Allah and their actions are so cruel in all aspects of life. I came to my hometown to recharge and especially with the most beautiful spring weather FINALLY!

F for Fun /facts

The metaverse and world of NFTs are affecting all aspects of life including fashion. Check more about this topic and tell me are you into NFTs? With the rise of fuel prices, how to make the tank of gaz last longer?

F for Fashion/ Beauty

Have you heard of the wolf cut? Tiktok made us do it! Also check this spring trends in my latest posts!

F for Fitness

7 Sciatica stretches that we all need, I bet your posture needs an adjustment! Give this abs workout a try and don’t hate me later.

F for Food

7 traditional Ramadan dishes from around the world that will make you eagerly waiting for iftar time! For a great suhoor meal, check Nadine’s recipe.

See you next week!

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