Reporting from the North Pole, yes apparently somewhere in my sleepless nights I was teleported there! Seriously what is up with the cold this year! I tell you what, your girl here needs some warmth and sun else I am losing my mind!

Haven’t talking about Miss Rona lately, not to be blamed with all of the issues happening around, but did you know that covid infection is responsible of some brain abnormalities?

F for Fun

What it takes to retire by 30?! if others did it why can’t you! However in my case, I will have to push it till 40!

F for Food

How about curing the cold with some homemade honey rolls and potato pancakes or this lemon and blueberry soufra

F for fitness

Ok to be honest one of the tricks I use to stay warm is doing my workout! Try this core workout and this killer HIIT and thank me later.

F for Fashion (Beauty)

A small break from fashion to take care of our hair. Here is a DIY scalp massage oil and some tips on to how to care for natural hair.

See you next week!

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La Petite

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