Though I never celebrated thanksgiving, I always wanted to and last time when I was in USA I regretted not pushing to. So next year, I am open to any invitation guys. Oh and same goes for the Christmas dinner! Don’t you just love the holiday spirit!
Speaking about holidays, some alarming news as there is a raise in COVID cases so please stay safe. The good news is that there are new covid drugs that got FDA approved.

F for fun

With her new album release, here is Taylor Swift’s guide to NYC. Take me back! Movie fans where are you at? Check where these famous film where shot this year.

F for Fitness/ health

Do sun lamps really work to beat the winter blues? Flu season is having a come back so better safe than sorry prevent sickness by consuming these High vitamine C foods.

F for Fashion / Beauty

Have you heard about the underpainting make up technique? Are you guilty of these makeup mistakes that make you look older?

F for Food

I announce the beginning of the season to indulge in all what the heart desires like these fudgy brownies!

See you next week!

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