Mercury retrograde was challenging to my electrical products and electronics! I almost lost the blender, my ironing machine fell down and got broken, I spilled coffee on my laptop and some keys are not working horray no! I hate to break it to you but there are two weeks of retrograde shadow after it is over so be aware!

The ceasefire in Gaza was broken like all the agreements that Israel disregards. Many other neighborhoods in Al Quds are threatened to be demolished, even worse, the Palestinians are being asked to destroy their own houses and leave.

This week on medhome_care, I shared with you some news about covid and other important health news and updates.

F for Facts

Mental health care is encouraged on all levels, and should be a priority in the midst of all the hardships that we are going through. Anxiety is one of the aspects that is sometimes overlooked. Check this article on how to react, treat and live with anxiety. Do not hesitate to reach out for help. You can contact embrace in Lebanon among other NGOs that are doing great job.

F for Food

A healthy sweet start of the day is always appealing to me, here is a cinnamon roll cake recipe to look forward your breakfast.

Cinnamon cake

F for fashion

While last year outfits consisted of monochromatic lounge wear sets and comfy sweatpants, this year we are all excited to redefine our personal style. If you are thrilled too, here are the 2021 summer trends to try! And my latest reel to get ready with me!

F for Fitness

We celebrated this week the international yoga day. Remember, yoga is not about the hard to execute poses, it is about shifting your attention inwards, about setting the intention and mindfulness. Try these 15 standing yoga poses for some You time!

See you next week!

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