Imagine you are sitting in your home, where you grew up, where your memories were shared with your family, while you face already many atrocities and you have been deprived of your basic human rights in your OWN COUNTRY, and still, someone has the audacity to come kick you of your HOME and accuse you of stealing it then go and cry to the world that you are the oppressed.

While social media platforms are the new media, letting the voices of Palestinians be heard and revealing the true apartheid face of Israel, it is still getting the support from the Social media companies that are limiting the reach fro those who are sharing about Palestine. But guess what we won’t stop! Check those two articles about what is going on there.

In COVID news the CDC had recently announced that the fully vaccinated people can ditch their masks expect in crowded places, as for the FDA it approved Pfizer for children between 12 and 15.

F for Fact

This week marked the 73rd memorial of Nakba, here is what you need to know.

F for Food

What is better than Mousakhan rolls to represent Palestinian cuisine

F for Fitness/Health

How to avoid a burnout in the midst of so much injustice and devastating news while defending a cause?

F for Fashion

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning behind the Koufeye?

See you next week!

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